About Red Creative. Assembling a team of experts to produce the best result for your project.

Red Creative is a collective of field experts in branding, graphic design, web design, social media marketing and copywriting. Our core team is enhanced by partners who specialise in areas such as naming, marketing and strategy.

At heart, it’s about heart. We are a passionate collective: all of us passionate about what we do, with the skill, experience, and commitment to the industry to strive for and achieve the best results in every project we undertake.

A brand, after all, is a company’s heart on the sleeve of its letterhead, its website and its head office. We treat branding as much as an art as a science. We stay keenly aware of new trends, understand cutting-edge new technologies, yet maintain a healthy respect for proven methodologies. Insight, creative flair and expertise. Our goal is always to find the right branding solution for you, business-ready for now and for your every success, change, growth in the future.

Tested, trusted processes are only half the story. Inspiration does not always strike between 9 and 5: some of our team are real night-owls, while others rise with the sun and go for a bike ride to get their ideas flowing. While over the past 8 years of business we have in the past had lovely studios in Fitzroy, Richmond and then Hawthorn, today we work from home studios, converging for regular coffees and meetings to enjoy the cafe culture of Melbourne for team briefings and client meetings.

Flexibility and autonomy means we always get the best, most professional results from our team, to timeline and to brief.

For each project, your project manager will put together the best team and be your primary contact throughout. We marry the structure of a project-managed process with the freedom to utilise our team as required. The advantage for you is that you get to draw upon the broad skills base of the entire team – or as narrow a skill-set as your brand solution requires.

* We do not engage in free pitching and support the ADGA Anti-Free Pitching Register.